Ways to Teach Your Kids About Giving During the Holidays

POSTED BY Lauren Santee
On December 15, 2021

Ways to Teach Your Kids About Giving During the Holidays

Along with all the wonderful festive elements of the holiday season, this time of year brings a unique opportunity to teach your children about the importance of generosity and giving. Learning that giving goes beyond just buying gifts for loved ones can be an impactful and eye-opening experience for children and can open the doorway to making some beautiful memories together as a family. 

If you’re on the hunt for ways to teach your children about giving during the holidays, here are a few ideas to consider.

Prepare a meal and deliver it to a friend in need

Cooking and baking during the holidays is a family tradition for many. This year, use this time together as an opportunity to prepare a meal or baked goods for a family member or friend in need. From preparation and cooking, to packaging your meal and cleaning up, there are plenty of ways for the entire family to get involved in this activity.

Donate gently used clothes to your local shelter

Not only does donating your unused clothes help those in need, it also shows your children that we never need as much as we think we do. Instead of letting that pile of clothes sit in the back of your closet, encourage your children to sift through their clothes and donate any items they no longer wear to your local shelter.

Choose a charity to support as a family

Choosing a charity to support as a family is an excellent way to expose your children to a variety of different charitable organizations. You can work together as a team to research and pick an organization to donate to and even encourage them to donate some of their own money if they are willing.

Give hand-made gifts

It is important children learn that giving does not always need to equate to buying gifts. Giving hand-made gifts such a cards, ornaments, pictures, and baked goods are equally as valuable as gifting something bought. Encourage your family to use their creative skills to make presents; many times, hand-made gifts are more appreciated than store bought items.

Whatever you decided to do, remember that the most valuable gift of all is spending time together. Make your time together a learning opportunity about giving, but also have fun making memories as a family!

-Lauren Santee, M.S.

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