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Types of Mental Health Professionals on Our Staff

About Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP)

Both psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are involved in the assessment and diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse disorders, and provide treatment through the prescription of medications and/or psychotherapy.

These two types of professionals differ primarily in the paths they take to become licensed and certified in their respective fields.

Psychiatrists are medical physicians who specialize in psychiatry after completing medical school and specialty residency training that ranges from four to six years. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners begin as registered nurses, and then specialize in mental health care by attending either a two or four-year nurse practitioner program.

About Licensed Clinical Therapists

The licensed clinical therapists in our practice include psychologists (Ph.D. or Psy.D.), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), and licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPC).

All of these providers are skilled in the assessment and diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse issues, and provide treatment via psychotherapy (talk therapy) or some other form of non-pharmacological therapy. In addition, psychologists are trained to provide psychological testing.

Regardless of their professional training, our providers work closely with one another to deliver comprehensive mental health services tailored to the needs of our patients.

Here are some of the services we offer

Because no two individuals or problems are alike, we offer a wide range of services and can design a treatment program suited to your personal needs and goals. After an initial assessment, you and your mental health provider will decide what type of treatment will be most beneficial to you.

Treatment options include individual, couples, and family therapy; child and adolescent therapy; group therapy; psychiatric consultation, and medication management. We have a close working relationship with Northwestern Medicine (formerly Central DuPage Hospital) and can assist with hospitalization or admission to a partial hospital program if appropriate. Our staff can also help facilitate admission to other hospitals if needed.

In addition to the mainstay of individual, couples, and family therapy, several of our therapists also offer group therapy. Group therapy offers opportunities for growth and interaction within the context of a caring and supportive group, facilitated by a skilled therapist. Group therapy fees are typically lower than individual session fees, making it an economical as well as effective therapy choice.

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