The Benefits of a Social Skills Group

POSTED BY Amber Beebe
On March 7, 2023

Does your child struggle with making friends? Do they feel anxious or dysregulated in social settings? Do they become impulsive in social settings, or struggle with reading social cues? If you answered yes, your child could benefit from participating in a social skills group.  

Below are 5 reasons your child should join a social skills group.  

    1. Creates a safe space for children to practice building social skills. When your child attends this group, there are other children that are experiencing similar difficulties. The child can utilize this group to explore how they may feel in social settings without the pressures of everyday life.  
    2. Builds self-esteem. When your child participates in a social skills group, they are getting hands on experience on how to engage in daily conversations. As they begin to feel more comfortable, they begin to build confidence. This confidence will carry over to their own personal peer relationships.
    3. Builds problem solving skills. Your child will be engaging with other peers through activities and role playing. When frustrations arise, your child will have the benefits of using the therapist present as well as other peers to problem solve.
    4. It can be fun! Many groups teach skills through activities and games. Learning through games helps remove the daily pressures of socializing and fitting in to peer groups at school. The child can enjoy themselves while also learning tips and tricks in the process.
    5. Reduces stress. Once your child begins to feel more comfortable and confident, their anxiety and stress in social situations will begin to minimize.  

If you feel your child would benefit from joining a social skills group, reach out to Summit Clinical Services to inquire about upcoming groups.  

-Amber Beebe, L.C.S.W.

About The Author

Amber Beebe
Amber Beebe is a licensed clinical social worker who works with children and adolescents experiencing a wide range of mental health difficulties. Amber is passionate about creating a welcoming and safe place for each individual she meets.

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